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Tue, 23rd January 2018

Barnt Green Bonfire Night 2017

Bros. Darren Cresswell and Michael Southall have been involved at the Scout Centre since the 1970’s as they were both Boy Scouts . There has been a bonfire at Barnt Green for over 20 years but Darren, Micheal and Bro. Bob Amos took it over from the church charity to raise funds for the new Scout Centre when the old one burnt down by vandals. 

This event has been very successful and the Boy Scouts now have a new Scout Hut and all their tents and other apparatus have been replaced. The Girl Guides and local Cricket club are now also now involved so they can raise monies for their own organisations.

Bob Amos  proposed Darren and Michael  into Freemasonry and they are now active members of Weatheroak Lodge, they asked the Lodge to help with last years bonfire night as they were struggling in getting enough volunteers to help with this event.

Members of the Lodge gave a positive response and Bros John Summers, Stephen Hall, Alan Smith, W.Bros. Steve Stowe, Glynn Egginton, Geoff Swann, Ray Golden and myself volunteered to help out in the Barnt Green Community Bonfire as we new how much it meant to the late Bro. Bob Amos. 

Ray and I spent the evening in a caravan counting money while the younger Brethren manned the turnstiles.

That night It was also good to see Bob’s widow Peggy helping out at one of the stalls.

Darren and Mick also organised with a dedicated team of helpers to set up the event and prepare a spectacular fireworks display and the crowd were not disappointed. 

Weatheroak Lodge are happy to have helped out on the night and we have also volunteered help for this years Bonfire Night.

It was great feeling to take part in this Community Event and at Lodge last Tuesday Darren and Michael generously  presented the Lodge with cheques to the value of £1450 which was gratefully received and will faithfully applied to Masonic and Non-Masonic Charities by our Charity Steward W.Bro. Steve Stowe.


W.Bro. Peter O’Shaughnessy Website Administrator Proud to be a Freemasonl


Mon, 22nd January 2018

Gift to Primrose Hospice

Barnt Green Bonfire 2017

I accompanied my friend Sue Diprose to Primrose Hospice, Bromsgrove , where we pleased to present a cheque for £500 from monies  raised at Barnt Green Bonfire Night 2017. 

The Primrose Hospice is an independent Charity offering advice and support to cancer patients and their family in the North Worcestershire Area and we are glad that were able to add to their funds to assist them caring for members in our Community. 

Bro. Darren Cresswell 


See a separate article on 2017 Bonfire Night when Members of the Lodge helped out got in this Community Project.


Mon, 22nd January 2018

White Table Evening

Successful White Table Evening    16th January 2017

The Members of the Lodge entertained Three young Gentlemen on Tuesday 16th January 2017 who had expressed an interest in Freemasonry while attending previous social functions arranged by The Lodge.

The Worshipful Master W. Bro. Alastair Page assisted by Bro. Glenn Mernagh, W.Bro. Ray Golden and myself explained the purpose of Freemasonry, its Origins and an explanation of our regalia and the costs of being a Freemason and a Member of our Lodge. 

I would congratulate our Junior Bro. Glenn on a splendid performance on explaining  Lodge regalia.

Two of the gentlemen declared an interest in joining the Lodge and the Secretary W.Bro. David Phillips will follow up with their proposers.


W.Bro. Peter O’Shaughnessy   Website Administrator.


Mon, 22nd January 2018

Ladies Night Secretary

Well Done Brother ALAN,

The W.M W.Bro. Alastair Page presented his Ladies Night Secretary Bro. Alan Smith with a case of lager in recognition of his hard work in organising the Lodge Ladies Festival in December.


W.Bro. Peter O’Shaughnessy Website Administrator

Lottery cheque

Sun, 21st January 2018


LUCKY!    LUCKY!   LUCKY!   Alan has done it again

W.Bro. Alan Morris has won another £100.00 on the Provincial Lottery after winning an identical amount a few moths ago. 

Alan was delighted with his win and recommends you give it a try and details can be found on the Provincial Website.


Brethren the proceeds of the Provincial lottery are donated to Charity.


W.Bro. Peter O’Shaughnessy Website Administrator.